Every day, hundreds of thousands of first responders put their lives on the line in the call of duty. So we asked ourselves... “what if there was a more effective, safer way to fight fires and can we help our first responders by providing them with better tools?” The answer for us was yes... and so we worked to create a highly disruptive, cutting edge Water Enhancement Technology called STRONG WATER™.

STRONG WATER™ is a 100% non toxic, biodegradable, on-demand liquid solution that seamlessly integrates with existing equipment, aircraft and trucks. Our product performs exponentially better than the outdated, marginally effective, toxic flame retardants currently in use. STRONG WATER™ enables firefighters to be much more effective at fighting fire, with less exposure to harm and zero exposure to toxic chemicals.

Fire suppression, delivered direct to a fire front, is more effective than any form of indirect attack.

STRONG WATER technology when deployed in a rapid response, from Helicopters, flying low and slow, applying water mixed with SWt, in a highly targeted approach, directly on the fire, KNOCKS WILDFIRE OUT.

A rapid deployment of SWt from ROTARY WING AIRCRAFT, is a more effective tactic due to the helicopters ability to fly in complex terrain, most weather conditions, and in close proximity to fire – and SWt’s ability to extend the value of plain water by 8-10x via adhesion and suppression performance advantages.

Deploying from lower speeds and lower altitude with higher accuracy allows for pilots to avoid watersheds and other vulnerable ecosystems.

Current Products in the Market are NOT standing up to the test of time:

The Troubling Reality
About Class A Foams

They're ineffective. They're unhealthy for firefighters. They're expensive. And they're damaging to the environment.

Problem with Long Term
Aviation Retardants

Toxic, outdated & ineffective especially in the face of the mega-wildfires that are currently ravaging the planet. Are harmful to waterways and aquatic life.

Concerns with
Class B Foams

Contains carcinogenic PFAS chemicals that are harmful to humans. Cannot be used in exposure protection.

A record amount of antiquated long term retardant has been dumped on wildfires around the world, in the last few fire seasons alone, with little effect on stopping the fires. Despite the harmful increase in use of this toxic product the devastation continues.

The current tactic of deploying OUTDATED toxic long-term retardants, in indirect attack, well ahead of fire, from large cumbersome and costly fixed wing aircraft, is failing.

Strong Water technology is changing the way all types of fires are fought.

KEEPS YOU SAFE, by eliminating flashover, rekindle and fall risk. It is not toxic to firefighters, unlike most fireground chemicals. STRONG WATER technology reduces structural collapse and the risk of steam burn by limiting the amount of water and associated weight load of water.

DOES THE JOB FASTER, by extending the value of water and reducing run-time, and by reducing direct exposure time.

SAVES YOU MONEY, thanks to a huge increase in efficiency, less water hauling, fewer injuries and less apparatus run-time.

PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT, by conserving water use, thereby limiting runoff, lowering toxic emissions, eliminating toxic chemical additions and reducing direct fire damage.

PROTECTS YOUR AIRCRAFT & EQUIPMENT, with a non-corrosive, easy-to-clean formula that won't rust your trucks.

WRAPS AND CLINGS TO VEGETATION, significantly reducing the chance of rekindle in wildland application.

HOLDS UP BETTER AGAINST HEAT when deployed from aircraft on to a wildfire. Mitigating evaporation and increasing suppression rates.

NON-TOXIC AND BIODEGRADABLE. Does not kill fish or adversely affect waterways.

Features and Benefits

  • Exponentially more effective at combating wildfire than current failing long term retardants
  • Can be pumped through on-board aviation proportioning systems
  • Does not corrode airframes
  • Exponentially more effective at class A suppression and protection
  • While 90% of water used in fire operations falls to the ground, STRONG WATER technology makes it "stick and stay," where it is most effective, significantly extending the value of plain water
  • It is deployed "on-demand" via common powered proportioning systems (FoamPro, Hale, Waterous, etc.)
  • Changes phase from gel to liquid under pressure, and back to gel when it relaxes, so it can be applied with typical hose and nozzle configurations
  • Wraps around vegetation and can be used in sensitive environmental areas
  • Clings to vertical and overhead surfaces
  • Can be used in structural suppression, with no backpack application process – viscosity can be changed readily at pump panel
  • Reduces/eliminates flashover, rekindle, and water load in structural I/A
  • Cleans up with water and is biodegradable
  • Less expensive than existing foams (given work factor differential)